Hi. This is Dr. Chou and I’m the founder and medical director of the Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana in Baton Rouge. Thanks for tuning in to my latest article and video.

Today we’re going to provide details about the Wellcana RSO Distillate and the pros and cons of this particular product.

Product Details

The Wellcana RSO Distillate is one of the newest products from Wellcana, one of the two official medical marijuana growers in Louisiana.

This product is a major departure from the current Wellcana product line, which are currently all tinctures.

Although not specifically stated by the manufacturer, it is…


This is Dr. Victor Chou with the Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana. Today we are going to talk about the new Ilera medical marijuana tinctures.

As you probably know, Ilera is the medical marijuana producer for Southern University and one of two companies allowed to produce medical marijuana products in Louisiana.

Just in the past few months, they have released their first batch of medical marijuana products which are now available at most dispensaries in Louisiana.

Today, I will try to answer common questions about the products, like the strains and price, and try to provide some analysis for patients…


As you might already know, on August 1, 2020, new legislation in Louisiana allowed patients with ANY Debilitating Medical Condition to be recommended medical marijuana.

As a patient, you might have a number of questions, such as “What is a Debilitating Medical Condition?” or more importantly, “Do I have a Debilitating Medical Condition?”

In today’s article, Dr. Chou discusses the definition of a Debilitating Medical Condition.

Listed Conditions

Some conditions are specifically listed in the law, and if you have one of these conditions, it automatically qualifies as a Debilitating Medical Condition.

The most common of these conditions include:

There are approximately…


Hello. It’s Dr. Chou here with the Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana coming to you with our latest article and video on our official website CHOUMD.COM

As you are aware, Wellcana recently released two new tinctures: THC 600 and Balanced 300.They are essentially a double strength version of their initial products.

So I felt it would be a good idea today to give some Advanced Tips for taking a Medical Marijuana tincture.

No food or drink before or after the medical marijuana dose

Standard advice is not to take food or drink 15 minutes before or after the medical marijuana dose.

The reason for this is two fold.

One is that…


This is Dr. Victor Chou with the Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana.

Today we’re going to answer the Top 5 questions patients have about using medical marijuana with opioids.

Let’s get started.

1) How does pain control differ between medical marijuana and opioids?

The pain control pathways are different between medical marijuana and opioids.

Medical marijuana works by way of the body’s cannabinoid system, while opioid pain relievers work through a different pathway.

It’s like having a front door to your house and a back door to your house.

For many chronic pain patients, if you use opioid pain relievers but don’t address the body’s cannabinoid system, you won’t get optimal…


Hi. This is Dr. Victor Chou with the Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana.

Today we’re going to talk about medical marijuana tolerance breaks, or as I like to call them, reboots.


Please keep in mind that we are discussing general medical concepts only and that patients should always discuss their individual medical situation with their personal physician.


Like many other medications, your body will develop tolerance to medical marijuana over time.

What is tolerance?

It is a situation where your body requires higher and higher doses of a given medication over time to have the same effect.

We see tolerance…


About 15% of patients using medical marijuana find immediate relief from their symptoms at the recommended starting dose.

However, that means 85% of patients will need to make some adjustments to their medical marijuana treatment plan.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about some of the changes we may make to a patient’s treatment plan.

Change the Dose

This is one of the first changes we will make to a patient’s treatment plan. If a patient is not feeling results, we will often times gradually increase the dose until an effect is felt.

Sometime in marijuana naive patients with a severe illness like chronic…


Today we’re going to answer the top questions I’m hearing now that the medical marijuana product has been released to the public.

What is the status of my recommendation and the dispensaries?

If you are a patient of mine, and you have provided all necessary paperwork and documents, your recommendation has been submitted.

At this point, if you have not heard from your dispensary, then go ahead and give them a call.

Are the prices for the medical marijuana product different at each dispensary?

Yes. Each dispensary sets their own prices, and I have seen price differences of up to $40 to $60 per bottle between the dispensaries.

I’m unable to post specific prices for specific dispensaries in this article, but during…


So one of the first decisions that a patient seeking medical marijuana will need to make is selecting a doctor.

In today’s article and video, we’ll discuss 4 Tips to Help You Select the Right Doctor for You.

1. How long has your doctor been working with medical marijuana?

In general, the more experience that your doctor has with medical marijuana, the more they will know about the diagnoses and symptoms and which medical marijuana products will work best for you.

They’ll also be more familiar with the legal issues surrounding medical marijuana use, such as issues related with employment, and be able to help you or refer you to other…


So some exciting news to share regarding the potential upcoming release of the medical marijuana product.

The final testing step with the Department of Agriculture is underway, and results could come as early as next week.

That is literally the final step before the medical marijuana product will be released to the dispensaries. The final product has been bottled, labeled, and packaged.

The arrangement for tracking and distribution, from what I am told, have already been finalized.

So there is a possibility this treatment could be in patient’s hands in less than a week.

Recommendation Status

Every eligible patient’s recommendation has been…

Victor H Chou, M.D.

Founder and Medical Director of the Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana. Visit for more info.

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